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Rog Falchion Macro/Battery problem

Level 7

Hey, My keyboard has an issue where the backside of the keyboard is unstable. Went to look back there and what do I find? A massive bulge in the right side of the keyboard, I’m assuming it’s the battery. And now out of the bush the keys started acting crazy. First everything shifted one key to the right? For example F = D, S = A, etc. And now they are going haywire. Nothing works can’t even reset the keyboard by holding Fn + Caps. I think this keyboard has come to its end. 



Hello Napsuuko

ASUS usually gives a 1-year warranty on their peripherals for most countries. Are you within the 1-year purchase date?

If yes, contact an official ASUS Support Center for your country.

If you're past the warranty period, you could swap out the battery yourself. With a little research, it shouldn't be too difficult, plus the batteries are inexpensive.





Level 13

open and remove the battery / replace  battery. how to, is very easy i have done it also. just be careful if you open and replace please make sure the cover of the battery safe it. getting that battery is easy on ebay and ali and original


you need a T5 driver. remove separate with calm remove is easy.

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