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ROG Falchion - keyboard lagging

Level 7

Hi there!

Got an issue with my Falchion. Every 5 seconds keyboard makes thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. I start typing, then there's a micro lag for ms, then the letter got stick for a second or so, then it goes back to normal. All the keys doing this stuff, including arrows and others.

What I've already tried:

  1. Delete driver (I don't have asus armoury installed on main PC)

  2. Try to use it in wired / wireless mode

  3. Try to use different USB port

  4. Try to use different PC - 3 laptops, 2 with Win10 (and one have armoury installed), 1 with Win11

  5. Update drivers for keyboard and usb dongle

  6. Different keyboard - works fine

  7. To use it on balcony - to avoid 2.4 Ghz interference with other devices

So it seems that something is wrong with keyboard itself.

And now is the best part - 2 days ago I split a bit of coffee to the very end of keyboard - Esc, Tab, Caps Lock and Shift were impacted. I disassembled keyboard, wiped motherboard with isopropyl alcohol (gently, of course). Used canned air to clean switches. Desolder impacted switches and solder completely new ones.

Lag is happening on all keys across the keyboard. If unplug and re-plug - sometimes it starts lagging in 5 minutes, sometimes - after 30-40 minutes. Warranty is not an option (cause I opened keyboard + it was bought in 2021).

What else can I do to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hello memphis_spd

Have you tried resetting your ROG Falchion?

Press and hold the Fn + Caps keys until it stops flashing red.

Any better after the reset?




Yep, tried couple of times, no result


You could try adjusting the repeat rate and repeat delay in keyboard properties.   

keyboard properties.png

That helps to avoid ssssssssssssssss issue, but the lag is still there - every 4-6 seconds keyboard just stops responding for a half of sec or so instead of repeating last entered symbol. Which makes it totally useless for either gaming or typing


Well, you could try running the windows keyboard troubleshooter.

Maybe it will identify the problem.

keyboard troubleshooter.png

It found nothing. I'm 95% sure that's hardware issue, not software - this keyboard lags even on my Android smartphone when connected, exactly same lag.


If nothing is helping with the lag, then it sounds like coffee damaged it beyond repair.




Seems so, but keyboard PCB looks clean and undamaged. I checked all connections with multimeter, no short-circuit or something similar