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ROG Falchion Charging Time?

Level 8

I'm considering buying the ROG Falchion since it's on sale locally but I wanted to know how long does it take to charge the keyboard from 0% to 100% since there's no information about that anywhere unfortunately.

I've also read this keyboard seems to have a lot of firmware issues, so much so it's considered common which is definitely not promising for a keyboard with such a hefty price tag, do people still report about said issues even to this day?



Hello Tova

If you've found a deal on the ROG Falchion keyboard, I say go for it. You'll like this compact keyboard, it has a lot to offer for its size.

Firmware issues? Not at all. What you'll want to do is install Armoury Crate where you will receive occasional updates at the update center.

You will also need Armoury Crate to have full control over your ROG Falchion's lighting and all sorts of customization. It has a light bar you can set to show battery status or sync with the RGB lighting. Below the light bar is the touch panel which is highly customizable with up to eight features. You can remap any key on the keyboard except for the Fn key.

Because you're charging from a usb port, it can take a while to charge as this is not fast charging. It can take upwards of a few hours to fully charge, but I don't find this a big deal because I can use it while it's charging. It will charge a little faster if you turn off the RGB lighting.

Here are a few screenshots of Armoury Crate, it's laid out nicely and easy to use.

The keys page, here is where you can customize the keys. 

Falchion Keys.png

The Touch Panel page, here you can customize the touch panel's lighting and functions. I currently have it set for volume control.

Falchion touch panel page.png

The Lighting page. You have 10 lighting effects to choose from, in static mode you can select or customize a color and adjust the brightness. With Aura Creator, you can set the lighting for individual keys.

Falchion lighting page.png

The Power page shows the battery status, here you can set a lighting alert for when the battery drains to a certain percentage and set it when to sleep.

Falchion power page.png





Thank you for the reply! I've decided to buy the Falchion and currently waiting for it to get shipped.

As for the charging, what if I were to charge it via USB-C to USB-C instead of USB-C to USB-A? To be fair, the claims that it's possible that 30 minutes of charge = 30 hours of use does sound like fast-charging so I assume it's through USB-C to USB-C then?


Also, is it possible to change the increments of volume up and volume down? And if not, what are the increments of volume? (as in, swiping it will increment with a change in volume of -+2, -+4, etc.)


The charge time of 30 minutes = 30 hours is with the usb-c to usb-a cable, I will recommend using only the cable it comes with for charging. Using a fast charger could possibly damage the battery. As mentioned, you can use the ROG Falchion while it's charging.

When using the touch panel for volume control, it goes up and down in increments of 4, you can't change this value.





I see, thank you for answering all my answers and I wish you a fantastic day/night!


You're welcome

If you have any further questions after you receive your ROG Falchion keyboard, feel free to ask.