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rog claymore ll firmware update error

Level 9

hi pls help. i try reboot keyboard fn + esc . i try unistall install armory crate. i try connect reconnect keyboard on pc. not work for me. 


Level 11

Are you sure there has been a firmware update for the claymore? Mine still shows January 3 as the eh current firmware and still no updates for it when I check. 

yes i sure. i got firmware update

Can you tell me what the new firmware version is and it's date? Thanks

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Thanks for that, that is not new firmware. I have that same one and it is dated 1 January this year. There is a charging issue fix that was meant to be coming in the March firmware update which I assume is now an April firmware update. 

Level 11

Still have not received the firmware update in AC. Anyone else had the same issue? Is there any other way other than in AC to get the firmware? 


Hi F1Aussie,

I don't have the ROG Claymore II, but the only way to update the firmware is with Armoury Crate.


Okay, thanks for that info, cheers 

I don't know if this is the right place to post I've been looking everywhere for where people were having these issues this seem to be the most recent one that had active users. So I just got an update for my claymore II and anytime I hit a key it automatically mutes my audio I've deattached the numpad and it works fine but with the numpad attached anytime I push a key it just keeps muting the audio. Anybody have any idea how to fix this or what I should do.

You may record a log and report the issue via Google Form - see the thread below for instructions.

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