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ROG Claymore I - Firmware issues with numpad

Level 7

Some years ago, after doing the usual firmware update on armoury crate for my Asus Rog Claymore I with the numpad connected to it, the numpad stopped working. I have searched on the internet for a while for solutions but nothing seemed to work. Discussed with Asus Portugal and no help from them either.

Today, when asked to update my firmware for the keyboard again I have connected the numpad, as I have always done with the hope that with the new firmmare the  numpad would start working again, I realized that when I connect the numpad to the keyboard and check the firmware version on Armoury Crate it indicates that the numpad firmware version is 255.255.255 which I'm sure is a bug and is probably what is messing with the numpad. Bear in mind that when I have the numpad detached from the keyboard Armoury Crate tells me that the firmware version for the keypad is 0.00.00 as it obviously does not detect the numpad, which proves that when the numpad is connected to the keyboard Armoury Crate actually detects the numpad, even though I cannot do nothing with it.

With the above, I believe a firmware factory reset or some kind of manual firmware update on the keypad could solve my issues, but I don't know how I can do this. The Fn+ESC method only resets the profiles and I have already tried, so no need to suggest that. I need a way to change the firmware on the numpad somehow and see if that solve the problem and the numpad starts working again.

I hope I was able to explain the issue and that someone can help me with it. I don't use the numpad too many times, but some times I need it and it is just idiotic that I paid more for the keyboard with the attachable numpad and it stopped working with an update and is now useless.