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ROG Claymore German Layout

Level 7
Hi there!
I have a ROG Claymore Keyboard and a minor issue regarding the color effects. It is a keyboard with a German Layout. We have some extra keys and some keys are on a different place.
When I activate an effect like rainbow, 2 keys do not light up (# and < keys) and if I check Aura creator there is only a US layout to play with. The ripples effect (hopefully the right name in English) is also not triggered on those two keys.
Effect that work without a problem is for example the pulse effect. All keys are working.

I updated Armoury Crate and the firmware. But I'm not sure if this issue was there with the preinstalled firmware .
Is there a firmware for specific countries? Or a possibility for a downgrade?
Many thanks and regards!

Level 7

I have the same issue with the Hungarian layout which started couple of days ago. Ripple and rainbow effects are not lighting the Ű and � keys however it was working before. I checked and other effects are working fine with them. I also made 2 pictures where it is clearly visible that the LED is not working at all during that effect (removed the top of the key.)


Hi again,
Sorry for bumping this thread after years, but this issue is still not fixed for me and I really believe that a firmware downgrade will help me.
In addition I noticed that the Asus creator software don't know the extra keys on a non UK layout.
Please can anyone sent me a older firmware for the claymore? I'm quite sure that the version that was installed as the keyboard arrived had no problem with the extra keys....
Many thanks in advance!

Hi bongster,

Have you tried resetting your ROG Claymore by pressing and holding Fn+ESC keys for 10-15 seconds?

Nate152 wrote:
Hi bongster,

Have you tried resetting your ROG Claymore by pressing and holding Fn+ESC keys for 10-15 seconds?

Hi Nate,
yes I have multiple times. I've tried different PCs as well.

Hi there,
just to be sure, that my problem is clear. Here a screenshot from the Armoury where the two missing keys are not available.
There is no option in the whole Armoury Crate for the two keys, but there are real on a german keyboard.
Please, someone from Germany can check if the rainbow effect is working for "<" and "#".
Thanks and regards,

Hi guys,
finally I was able to downgrade my firmware with an older one from an armoury II installation.
So if anyone else has this problem, just open the exe file from the installation folder with /? to find some more parameters.
The crazy thing is, after the downgrade all my keys are glowing again. I updated to the last version with armoury crate and the two keys are black again. After another downgrade I upgraded with armoury II and now all is fine. So there must be something wrong with armoury crate and the update process.
Best regards,