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ROG Claymore feedback

Level 7
None, other then its perfect.
I've been using it for over a week now and couldn't be more happy. Love all the customization, the macro software works great and really comes to light if you put in a little extra effort with some notepad programming (I actually found this kinda nostalgic). Build quality is even better then expected. A++ on this piece ROG, the box is now on display in my setup room and it's sitting next to my Gladius II in full RGB greatness :cool:

Honestly the only reason I'm making this thread is in hopes that it makes someone around there happy I'm enjoying this thing so much, that and I really like typing on it.
_anyways cheers

P.S. if you make a usb cable that attaches to just the num pad I'd buy that up too
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Community Admin
Community Admin
Appreciate the nice feedback sWaZi sKunk! Glad you are enjoying your ROG gear. Got a matching mouse + pad too, sweet!
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