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ROG Claymore Core not syncing with either Aura or Armoury Crate

Level 7
Hey fellows,

What the title says. How come a rather expensive keyboard such as the Claymore Core is not visible in either Armoury Crate or Aura? I can only set up a limited number RGB modes in Armoury II (Which should be obsolete with Crate but here we are using 4 different apps). Is there any way around making the Claymore Core available in these software packages so I can sync it with the rest of my system? Picture link attached at the bot.

Kind regards,

Rather disappointed ROG fan.

Level 8
I'm also a bit disappointed, I just got the (now I know, dated) flagship set(spatha, claymore, centurion) and none of them use crate or aura. Have to use armory 2 for every mouse/keyboard function and asus rog 7.1 for the headset sound settings. Kinda wish it was all controllable in one app(aura, aura creator, asus rog 7.1, armory 2, fan expert all crammed into armory crate) where everything would act like the same brand. I've already spent a bit of time and cash to get all my tower rgb(almost all ROG) to play ball and now their premium peripherals wont play with the tower. The keyboard and mouse will play together but not with anyone else. The headset wont play with anyone and only gives you 3 lighting options(with no settings), static, and breathing (in only red).

At the current moment, I believe we're stuck with with praying for an update or potentially buying gear listed on the armory compatibility page(found after my purchase). Heres the link to that page.

Level 7
I don't what happened in the last Armoury Crate update, but not only does it no longer detect my keyboard for Aura Sync, but as of today, whenever I hit the space bar on my Claymore, it begins typing a gibberish sequence of numbers.

What the hell did you do to my hardware, Asus?