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ROG Claymore backlit light not bright enough when syncing with aura

Level 8
Hi Asus support team,

So I just bought a keyboard Claymore (TKL version), everything is working :

ROG Armoury/Aura Sync are detecting my keyboard,

I just have a small problem with the rainbow mode when syncing with aura is that

The brightness level of the keyboard is so low compared to other modes (or comparing to the rainbow mode of ROG Armoury)


Please take a look at the ROG logo then you can see the difference

More information:

1. Aura sync : Lighting_Control_1.07.35
2. Armoury version: 3.00.16
3. Claymore TKL firmware: 1.09.01

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward for your response.

Level 8
no one experiencing this ?
just curious is this considered a bug?

do i have to record a video to clear the problem?

please, anyone have any idea?

Level 7
tengo el mismo problema, parece que la mayoría de usuarios utilizan por separado los periféricos, ya que nadie comenta nada.

Level 7
Same issue here, Rainbow mode with Aura Sync is not bright as with ROG Armoury.

Fastback85 wrote:
Same issue here, Rainbow mode with Aura Sync is not bright as with ROG Armoury.

thank you for confirming, please keep this topic up and wait for further updates


Yes i can confirm that the rgb colors are really dull on "rainbow mode" on aura sync. Thus, i just leave it unchecked and use armoury and set it to default wave. The Pugio mouse rgb lighting is excellent on any mode both on aura sync and armory.

Armoury: ROG_Armoury_v30028
Aura Sync: Lighting_Control_1.07.71
ROG Claymore
ROG Pugio

Level 7
I have the same problem with mine