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ROG CLAYMORE 2 issue last update

Level 7

I have a problem with Claymore 2 after last update from Armoury Crate 2024/01/18 Version my keyboard is totally dead. The buttons did not respond sometimes, I tried to connect every possible way. Even use Bluetooth/wifi Adapter. Half of the buttons not working at all, some of them stick. 



Level 9

hi .  is your issue fixed ? i am having key ghosting and k button not woriking all of a sudden after latest round of updates .

no one helped. The latest update really killed my keyboard. it can no longer be used. the whole problem is in the latest update. I tried all the options for updating the software on it and resetting the settings on 3 different stations. result 0. Thanks to ASUS ROG for destroying my ideal and favorite keyboard. I don’t understand why they can’t release a hot fix. I had to buy a new one for $300.