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Rog Azoth recent firmware

Level 7

hello, since the most recent firmware update my 2.4  wireless doesnt work anymore, wired via usb was working now all i can get to work is bluetooth, have uninstalled reinstalled armory crate (knew that wouldnt work),  its the firmware, is there a way to manually download the firmware and reinstall it see if that helps? armory crate dont give me an option as it shows the most recent update 4.00.07


Level 7

I realized that all this is pointless, no effect!! I did everything I was told on the forums and on the Internet!!! I realized that it's only me who has such a problem!! namely, that after the update, Azoth does not work for me on 2.4 and all devices started working poorly on 2.4!! ASUS Thank you for spoiling my mood and my devices!!!

Would suggest you either just use it via bluetooth or through a wired connection for now.