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Rog Azoth recent firmware

Level 7

hello, since the most recent firmware update my 2.4  wireless doesnt work anymore, wired via usb was working now all i can get to work is bluetooth, have uninstalled reinstalled armory crate (knew that wouldnt work),  its the firmware, is there a way to manually download the firmware and reinstall it see if that helps? armory crate dont give me an option as it shows the most recent update 4.00.07


I used the autoupdater, I have:

Azoth firmware: 4.00.07
Omni receiver firmware: 5.00.07


Do you have different versions?

Level 7
Скажу більше, після оновлення повністю пропав омні ресівер!! а клавіатура Pisio взагалі не підключається!!Desktop Screenshot 2023.12.30 -

Level 7

Looks like this issue still persists for a bunch of you.

Try a fresh install again. By that I mean, throw everything out the window; AC and the keyboard driver itself. Make sure you have nothing in the Windows Devices and Settings panel. None of them need to be listed - use the uninstaller to remove AC.

Go here:

Choose an operating system, obviously. Get AC. Once that's done, update everything here via AC itself.

Then go here:

Download that FW update, and use the installer to download an update for the receiver. See if it connects, and test again after a restart.

If this doesn't work - check the wire for the dongle. Make sure it's connected to a USB 3.0 port, direct to the motherboard. If you're on a laptop, may the Omnissiah protect you because I have no clue what might be wrong there.

If all else fails, try updating dependent drivers for keyboard controllers with Windows update if any. Also don't use the USB cable ROG gives you - use an actual USB-C cable to perform the updates. And, also make sure your PC has enough resources to support your Azoth (I had other crap connected for my sim setup like a controller, wheel, pedals and all that - disconnect anything to free up space). 

Give it a shot and let me know what happens.

I have done all this and nothing works for me!! + the omni receiver itself disappeared from me even after the update, all devices that work with 2.4 started disconnecting

intenta vincular nuevamente el onmi con tu teclado , asi puede que funcione yaque eso hice yo con un rog strix scope ii 96

Level 7

Hi, it also happened to me with my keyboard and mouse. at first everything was going great connected wirelessly 2.4hz, until I could not configure the mouse.
I had to uninstall everything but when I installed everything again the 2.4 connectors I recognized only the mause but I solved it. connecting both 2.4 receivers and unlinking everything from each leaving them at 0 and I returned to link 1 mouse to a receiver and the other the keyboard, and then connect it to only one. that resulted me......

now I have the drama that I do not see the macro section and that the aura sync only works connected by cable, I leave the images of how I appear both peripherals.
before they appeared with the symbol in red, now they appear in yellow, but even if I have activated dynamic lighting system does not take the aura sync and let me change the default modes alone.ARMOURY CRATE 30-12-2023 19_54_01.pngARMOURY CRATE 30-12-2023 19_51_56.pngConfiguración 30-12-2023 20_06_28.pngARMOURY CRATE 30-12-2023 19_52_21.pngARMOURY CRATE 30-12-2023 19_52_28.pngagain the 2.4 connectoragain the 2.4 connector

You are lucky that you have a working omni receiver, because mine does not see it at all!!Знімок екрана 2023-12-31 011355.png

Level 7

I don't have an omni receiver, it disappeared after the update and I can't bind Azoth to the omni receiver in any way

Intenta con los drivers en la carpeta los trae , ademas hasle un reset antes al teclado despues continuas con todo eso porque a mi tambien me ocurrio que me salia como usb desconocido. 

ROG STRIX SCOPE II 96 WIRELESS v1.0.0.4 30-12-2023 22_19_33.pngROG STRIX SCOPE II 96 WIRELESS v1.0.0.4 30-12-2023 22_19_35.pngROG STRIX SCOPE II 96 WIRELESS v1.0.0.4 30-12-2023 22_19_38.pngROG STRIX SCOPE II 96 WIRELESS v1.0.0.4 30-12-2023 22_19_43.png

There is nothing hereЗнімок екрана 2023-12-31 151709.png