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ROG Azoth OLED image auto dims

Level 8

I noticed that after updating my product firmware to 3.00.26 my OLED image would auto dim after around 60 seconds when my keyboard is not in use and would go back to my set brightness after a keypress. This happens in wired mode. Is this by design? Are there any firmware update notes?


Level 8

Am having the same issue since the firmware update. The Keyboard also doesnt go into the sleep mode anymore when in wired mode, the rgb always stays on, on the same brightness no matter what settings I use.

The only thing I recall changing was the firmware update. So something must have happened. It is really annoying.

Level 8

I can confirm the dimming happens on the latest firmware update. Older firmwares do not auto dim.

 Bro so far any solutions? I’m also got the same issue after update the latest firmware 

Sadly I found no solution. The only way for it to get fixed is hope that ASUS does so in the next firmware update or if ASUS will allow a way to rollback the update.



My OLED display goes dim on my ROG Azoth too, it could possibly be to help negate burn in.

I actually contacted support and asked about it. I asked if it was a feature introduced in the new firmware, but they were unsure and offered a replacement.