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ROG Azoth - key repeating

Level 7

The keyboard is mostly fine, but a couple keys occasionally repeat under certain conditions.

The most blatant culprit is my '2' key.  If I tap this key slowly it sometimes works just fine.  However, if I press any key while this key is still depressed, 2 will frequently repeat.  Tapping it causes it to repeat only some times.

The left shift key also stays activated longer than I have it depressed somewhat frequently as well.  I am not a typing expert by any metric, but I am getting the first 2-3 letters of a sentence capitalized more often on this keyboard than I have ever seen on any other keyboard that I own.

I have updated my firmware and I am still having the problem.  Any tips on resolving this issue?



Hello liero116,

In keyboard properties, try adjusting the repeat delay and repeat rate.

Does this help any?

keyboard properties.png


Unfortunately that doesn't help.  The keys that are affected by this instantly repeat keys.  It seems like sometimes they will double immediately or I'll get one input when pressing the key down and another when releasing it.


Sorry that didn't help.

Try resetting your ROG Azoth, press and hold the Fn+Esc keys for 10-15 seconds.

Any better after this?


Just tried resetting it.  Unfortunately no improvement


Do you have the issue in both wired and wireless mode?

If you're using 2.4GHz wireless mode, try using the usb extender. Clip the usb extender onto your mouse pad, connect the cable and wireless dongle to it. Be sure the cable is connected directly to a pc usb port.

Moving the wireless dongle closer to your keyboard could solve the delay.


My wireless dongle is only about a foot away from the keyboard.  I tried in wired mode and I'm still having the same issue.

On a whim I swapped out the switches for the 2 keys that have been giving me trouble.  Looks like that actually fixed the issue.  Very glad these keyboards come with extra switches and they are so easy to replace.


Good to hear you narrowed it down to the switches, I may not have suspected that but...

ASUS had you covered with extra switches, lube and a brush to apply it. You have to tip your hat to ASUS for these kinds of accessories, noone else is doing that. 


Level 7

I have the same problem on a Azoth which only a month old. For example my "w" repeats twice really often and this has nothing to do with character repeat settings or the connection. The occurring repeat is instantaneous on a swift single press. Happens on the space bar as well from time to time.