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Rog Azoth FN key broken and is not the switch... maybe something to do with under the pcb

Level 8

there is any replacement part of the rog azoth?


any way to remap the FN key that is grey out in the software?


...  people are asking for the remap since months  the software never improve





Hello Christian2209

The Fn key is used for different functions of the keyboard including resetting it, the Fn key cannot be remapped and is why it's grayed out.

Are you able to reset your ROG Azoth by pressing and holding the Fn + Esc keys for 10-15 seconds?






no.. like i said the key don't work anymore and i'm afraid something broken in the pcb... 

because included with the box with the lune and stuff  there are other 3 switches... and none works... 

so is like an internal problem i guess...   and since  it just happen to be the FN key i basicaly lost all the functionality the keyboard offer if i don't use the software now..

can't  fn to swap profile...  can't fn  to reset,   can't fn  to change volume, setting light, or record macro,

i'm not even sure if i can buy another thir party pcb and plug that oled display...   compatibility can be hell..

it just broke the only part that i can't replace easily..  

i can't believe it...  i swear the god the only part of the keyboard that i can't fix  if it was just the switch i would have buy already since is hot swappable..

maybe has something to do with welds and i need to soldering something..  but i never did that in my life

i first need to disassemble it...    WHAT are those custom.. screws??  i don't have the tool now

and you don't include it in the box      

honestly i will take my time... i don't want to do this just to fix one key

not sure why i even posted this mes it can't be helped



If it's not physically damaged, you could use the warranty which is good for 1 year from the purchase date.