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ROG Azoth Default Profile Bugged?

Level 7

For some reason yesterday, if I am on the default profile on the Azoth, none of the keys work, cant type etcetera.  The OLED screen is blank and when i press the function button on the sdie it only shows `Customization` and a picture of a pencil in a box.  In this default profile the only keys that work seem to be the stealth shortcut.  Not sure what is up but if I switch to my other profiles 1-5 everything works.  I noticed that even though i put custom OLEDimage on other profiles they are now gone and set with defaults.  Could this be a result of uninstalling armory crate or something?  Not sure what is going on do you have any idea? I thought maybe I bumped a key combo and got it stuck in a state, but going through the manual shows nothing that could cause something like this


Level 7

forgot to mention, original OLED image is still present on profile 1, so everything is normal there.

also more specifics, in the default profile as mentioned, i cannot change to different functions now with the function button on the side, for example multimedia, volume, oled brightness etc.  It just stays on `Customization` as shown in the photo


Hello mars0101

Try resetting your ROG Azoth by pressing and holding the Fn + Esc keys for 10-15 seconds, it will flash green when it's reset. After resetting, all profiles will be erased.

If it's not any better after resetting, install Armoury Crate and update your ROG Azoth.