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Rog Azoth buyers beware - horrible software quality causing wireless mode not working

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I've spent the entire weekend here reading through earlier posts and installing/reinstalling Armory Crate, updating dongle firmware through the website utility, updating keyboard firmware, placing dongle in different USB ports, disconnecting all my other devices etc.

But with no luck - the Omni receiver straight refuses to pair with my newly purchased Rog Azoth keyboard. I'm done with Asus and it's horrible software quality killing such an amazing and well-crafted product. I will return the keyboard on Tuesday if this is not resolved by then.

Clipboard04.pngI will also repost this on Reddit to provide other potential buyers with the real situation around Asus products because non of the reviewers have mentioned this keyboard refuses to work in the wireless mode.

Screenshots below with proof I'm on the latest versions for all devices.




Hello botulidze

You may need to unpair it from the original receiver, then pair it with the Omni Reciever.

Azoth Omni Receiver.png

Level 7

Hi Nate,

Thanks - I don't have any "original receiver". I bought the keyboard on Friday and only used one coming in the bundle with it.



Ok, so when you click the Keyboard + sign and press Fn + 7 with your ROG Azoth, it tries to pair but fails.

What I would try is:

1) Disconnect and reconnect the wireless dongle, make sure it's connected directly to a pc usb port. Set the wireless switch on your ROG Azoth to 2.4GHz wireless mode. Try pairing your ROG Azoth with the Fn + 7 Keys.

2) If that didn't help, uninstall all HID Keyboard Device, ROG Azoth and ROG Omni Receiver (Below HID Keyboard Device) from Device Manager. Reboot your pc, check Armoury Crate for updates and try pairing your ROG Azoth. (Set the wireless switch on your ROG Azoth to wired mode when updating)


3) If that didn't help, try uninstalling Armoury Crate using the windows uninstaller. Once uninstalled, reboot your pc.


ac uninstall.png

4) Connect the usb-c cable to your ROG Azoth.

5) Set the wireless switch on your ROG Azoth to wired mode (switch set to the center position).

6) Connect the wireless dongle to a pc usb port (should be done already).

7) In the link at the ASUS Support Center select your operating system, download and install Armoury Crate version - Armoury Crate - Support (

8: After installing, head to the update center and do the updates. Once fully updated, set the wireless switch on your ROG Azoth to 2.4GHz wireless mode, try pairing your ROG Azoth.

Let me know if any of these suggestions gets your ROG Azoth successfully paired.


Level 7

Hi Nate,

I have tried all of the above - and the result is the same. The keyboard works perfectly fine in wired/bluetooth and fails to pair in wireless. Unfortunately, I can't put more effort into this and will consider other keyboard brands with better software quality.

Thanks for your kind support, much appreciated. I hope you will pass feedback to the team.

Regards, Serhii