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ROG Azoth Bluetooth not working

Level 7

I have no idea what the hell happened to my ROG Azoth, it seems that the Bluetooth has been quite wonky as both my laptops is unable to detect this Device on Bluetooth list.

At first I thought that it's because that the other laptop has older processor that's why it can't detect it so I decided to remove the device from my Bluetooth Connected Device List from my Legion Slim 7i G7, but now even my Legion can't detect it at all.

I tried to uninstall my Armoury Crate, reinstall it and update everything it's still not working, what is wrong with my ROG Azoth!? Right now the version is ROG AZOTH - ASUS Framework Service please help jesus..

Edit: Cable & Dongle connection all work fine but Bluetooth is busted.. The only reason I buy Azoth is because of its Bluetooth otherwise I'd stay far away from it..


Level 7

I finally found the answer to my own problem..

So apparently I need to press and hold the knob button (from the side) for few seconds until it shows Bluetooth pairing, then change to Bluetooth 2 or 3 (by turning the knob switch down).

After that, now my laptop is able to capture ROG Azoth trying to pair.. But this still doesn't shows why it doesn't appear on Bluetooth pairing device list (Add Device) while trying to find active Bluetooth items..

So I guess I just managed to find temporary solution but not a permanent one.. What a shame..


Hello doomscyte

I'll walk you through to get your ROG Azoth to show in the Bluetooth device list.

1) Set the wireless switch on your ROG Azoth to Bluetooth.

2) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in windows.

3) Click Add device

Bluetooth on.png

4) Click Bluetooth 

Bluetooth on.png

5) Press and hold the button below the control knob until it shows "BT pairing/ Host switch".

6) push the control knob forward until it shows Bluetooth 1,2 or 3.

7) Immediately push straight down on the control knob, your ROG Azoth should appear in the Bluetooth device list.

Bluetooth on.png

😎 Click on your ROG Azoth and it should pair to Bluetooth.

ROG Azoth connected to Bluetooth.png