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ROG Azoth Battery Level

Level 7

I recently purchased ROG Azoth. Out of the box the battery level was 65% so I assumed it was fine to start using it in wireless mode. The strange thing I noticed is that the battery level remained 65% no matter how long I used the keyboard. After about a week the keboard shut down unexpectedly and refused to power on again. I thought that the battery got depleted, so I connected the keyboard to my PC in wired mode. It turned on and started to charge. After several hours the battery level reached 100% and I unplugged the keyboard switching it to wireless mode. Than again the battery level was staying at 100% no matter how many hours I was using the keyboard. After about two weeks it shut down like the first time. I suppose the battery level doesn't show the real state of the battery: OLED display and Armoury Crate both show 100% battery all the time. I did the reset procedure (FN+ESC) for no luck. Has anyone experienced the same behavior, or did I get a defective unit?



Hello NDrewBy

I'll test with mine. It's fully charged, I'll see if the battery level goes down in wireless mode.

Azoth battery.png

Here are the current versions.

Azoth updated.png


Did you get any results? Does the battery meter on your keyboard show any values other than 100?


Hello there

Yes, the ROG Azoth battery percentage is working ok.

Have you connected the wireless dongle to a pc usb port and set the switch on the ROG Azoth to 2.4GHz wireless mode?

There have been some updates since I last posted, I'll suggest to check for updates at the Armoury Crate update center.

Azoth battery.png

Thank you for your help! I saw an update and installed it, but still no luck: the battery indicator still shows 100% until the keyboard shuts down.


Disconnect the cable and try using it in 2.4GHz wireless mode for a while and see if the battery percentage goes down.

Make sure the wireless dongle is connected to a pc usb port and the wireless switch on the ROG Azoth is set to 2.4GHz wireless mode. 

Does the battery percentage show any difference with the task bar info?

battery level.png

battery percentage 1.png