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Rog Azoth after update Armoury Crate can set on oled screen only battery stats and hour/date.

Level 8

Hello, i have an issue like i write in the subject.

Today 22/02/2024 Armoury crate want to update so i click ok. Update went ok, but now i cant set on my oled screen  cpu and gpu usage like i have before.

This function is gone i can only pick from 2 option, battery stats and date and time. I tried to restart pc but nothing change. Ac is up to date in every component.

Did i do something wrong or this update make this function gone? Will this function back on next updates?

Screenshots in attachment.



Level 8

Asus will release the update in 2025, we all just need to be patient😂

Level 9

lol why was this marked as "solved" its still broken


i9 14900k, z790, GTX 4090, Azoth

Level 8

I just bought the keyboard specifically for the option to view my system info so i don't need to look at my Ryujin III aio screen and can turn that into a custom gif. The option isn't there at all and im actually pretty upset about it. Besides this issue, it's an amazing keyboard and I love it. Please just fix this issue.

Level 7

The keyboard itself is great, I really like it in all ways.

The issue is the software Armoury Crate is bad (and there are many more issues that make the user experience not smooth at all) app that should be fixed and I am more than sure that it is possible to make in a really short period. 

Good management and good developers. Run manual and unit tests making sure that everything is working smoothly -> release

Right now looks more like -> feature implemented and released without testing and sent to the user, then receive all complaints and make fixes. I think it shouldn't be like that for a huge corporation like Asus.

Also, I am not really sure that is appropriate to close the topic and set a "solved" status just with the reply the admin provided. There is no solution to the issue and mentioned functionality, better say that it's not there.

Thank you for your time reading and hope that everything will change shortly. 

No offense, just hope for your consideration Asus


Hello DarkWatcher

The update is coming very soon, hang in there.






Level 8

same problem here 🤔


Hey guys,

Check Armoury Crate for an update for your ROG Azoth, the System Information is fixed.

System Information.png







Confirm, it works again.

It only took 3 weeks, thanks.

It took me about five hours after the update and multiple restarts but it finally works and now I have full stats so thank you Dev Team and Software Engineering Team, I/We All appreciate it and this is why I will be ROG for life!


At first, I could only get my CPU Temperatures and voltage. Now I have full access to everything.


Does AC not play well with AMD GPUs? My 7900 XT will not show in AC for Temp/usage or frequency but does for Voltage. Yet if I plug it into any system I have with an NVIDIA GPU it shows fine. Working as intended or is this a known issue or unknown issue?