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Questions about ASUS Strix Tactic Pro Keyboard

Level 7
- In dedicated support page there exists 3 different firmware updates:

and v1.09 <-- This claims that it fixes the BIOS problem. (Unable to enter BIOS by pressing DEL key)

However I noticed that only the second version, v1.08 fixes the BIOS problem. Otherwise the latest and the first firmware update doesn't fix the BIOS problem.
Altough my computer's mainboard is rather an old one: "GIGABYTE X58A-UD5 (Rev 1) mainboard"

- "Gaming Mode" which is activated by pressing FN + F12 buttons only works if NKRO is also activated.
For example, if I deactivate NKRO while Gaming Mode is active (That is, the "G" light still ON) Windows Button also works.
Is this intended ?

- Yes it is possible to record and assign On-The-Fly macros by only using the keyboard but is there also a way to be able to deactivate or delete those macros that we have created by only using keyboard again ?
(So far the only solution I found is deleting the macros by the help of Strix Software that we have to install on the computer.)

- The Quick Start Guide seems to have irrelevant or wrong information about Strix Software. Any plans to update guide ?

As long as I am concerned, these are not serious problems for me. I LOVE and use this keyboard without any problem and hope to plan to use it for a very long time.
It's built like a tank, and I really like the orange theme, the macro buttons and their positions. I use the macro buttons under space bar with my left hand's thumb very frequently while gaming. In my opinion, making those macro buttons under the space bar having Cherry MX switches would be better. But oh well...

I am just surprised that a leading corporation like ASUS makes some careless little mistakes when developing this awesome keyboard. I guess in time you lost some integrity or focus in your corporation at least when developing this product.

My first computer's mainboard (in 1997) was an ASUS TX-97XE mainboard, my current monitor is an ASUS VS239HV, my current mouse is an ASUS ROG Gladius, and my current graphics card is an ASUS R7 265. Heck I also have an ASUS EEE Pc purchased like 5 years ago and I deliberately wanted it to be an ASUS brand EEE PC. You can almost call me an ASUS fanboy and ASUS products are my number 1 choice when it comes buying hardware for my custom computer setup.

Level 10
For motherboard I'm more for some "old fashioned" mechanical keyboards. I mean new keyboards but with simple led light, analog signal if possible, strong build better with aluminum metal, translucent PBT keys, etc... Because they work everywhere and much less chance for malfunction. Even if LED die she lose nothing of quality because LED is only side thing and it's not main characteristic of keyboard... Now much expensive keyboard have cheapest keys but you pay RGB lights and similar things I ordered yesterday Deck Hassium Pro, only fabric translucent PBT with strong white LED and metal base, most people will don't like but for me she Francium, Legend and Cherry MX Board 6.0 are best.

It's nice when you want everything from one brand, I understand that, but I would concentrate on sound card, motherboard, graphic card and monitor, maybe even mouse Gladius...but I need different type of keyboard becuse my 5 years old G510 no 5 keys any more, space almost not work, color is polished completely on some place as after hundreds years od use, keys are polished as well and on some type of keys I would not see number any more, WASD keys are completely different than others 0.5mm deeper than others, and that will happen with all similar boards, I don't want that.

It's not always problem with keyboard when you can't enter in BIOS. I had same problem first month with Logitech and Z77 FTW... But EVGA resolve with second BIOS. First time I borrow old PS2 keyboard to set everything in BIOS and than use my keyboard. Some keyboards arrive with switch on back side if similar problem show up customer can try with switch in other position.
But I think most of GIGABYTE employers don't even remember X58 series not to launch BIOS for newest keyboards.

Level 13
Hi Aelon,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I'll verify this with our peripherals team.

When gaming mode is activated, the windows key should be disabled. It doesn't matter if you're on 6KRO or NKRO, the gaming mode enabled should disable the windows key. I have just performed testing right now and I'm using 1.09 and in both modes with gaming mode enabled, the Windows key is not working.

Regarding the on the fly macros you do need to use the software to delete the macros.

The BIOS issue please also try disabling quick boot to see if you're able to enter BIOS with that disabled.


Hello Bahz,

I also upgraded to the latest firmware (v1.09) and did some tests.

- "Gaming Mode" is only active if and only if NKRO is also active. when gaming mode is enabled if I deactivate NKRO, Windows Button still works.

- About the BIOS problem: Keyboard is unable to enter BIOS when NKRO is enabled. "Quick Boot" doesn't affect this behavior.

Mainboard: GIGABYTE X58A-UD5 (Rev 1)
Test 1) Quick Boot Enabled, NKRO Disabled: OKEY
Test 2) Quick Boot Disabled, NKRO Disabled: OKEY
Test 3) Quick Boot Enabled, NKRO Enabled: FAIL (Unable to enter BIOS)
Test 4) Quick Boot Disabled, NKRO Enabled: FAIL (Unabled to enter BIOS)

It works fine and is able to enter BIOS when NKRO is disabled. However, at booting phase, it is not possible to turn off NKRO mode, but I found a workaround to the problem:
Altough it is not possible to revert back to 6KRO during boot phase, switching between profiles still works, therefore I programmed "Profile 3" with NKRO disabled and problem solved. And NKRO is of course always can be changed when computer enters loading operating system phase. So problem kind of solved. This is not a big deal for me really.

(It was able to enter BIOS at previous version (v1.08) when NKRO is enabled.)


By the way my keyboard version is "ISO 105" layout with "Turkish Q" keyset/keycaps (with Cherry MX BROWN switches)
(It is basically a UK layout with Turkish keycaps)
Here is a picture of it, maybe it helps:


Level 13
Hi Aelon,

I'll pass this information over to our peripherals team, but I have tested on my system and it appears to not have the same issues as described by you.

Anyways the information you provided is very valuable, we'll have them look into this issue as soon as possible and I'll update you all once I hear back from them.


For what it's worth, I'm experiencing the same Gaming Mode issue—it only disables the Windows key if NKRO is also activated. Otherwise, the Windows key works normally even though Gaming Mode is on.

One4yu2c wrote:
For what it's worth, I'm experiencing the same Gaming Mode issue—it only disables the Windows key if NKRO is also activated. Otherwise, the Windows key works normally even though Gaming Mode is on.

May I ask your keyboards layout or language ?

Aelon wrote:
May I ask your keyboards layout or language ?

U.S. English. Also, in case it's helpful, I've experienced the issue in both Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.

Guys, users of this keyboard, have you been able to actually DELETE/unassign an on-the-fly hardware macro? I mean the one you can set up via FN + Alt/Macro Record in Hardware mode?

I have set up one of these and now I am unable to switch the keyboard to proper Software mode - I mean it IS using my software-mode macros as well, but it is completely ignoring me assigning one of them to this particular key where the HW-mode macro is set up.

Can anyone kindly advise here?

Oh, and how stupid is it that you cannot use keys such as Enter in SW-mode macros? If I could I wouln't use HW mode at all. Or, conversely, if HW mode functioned properly, I wouldn't need to use SW mode I guess.

And my last question: What is the Macro Cover toggle in the Strix Software window? It's not documented anywhere, what does it do?


Yes Indeed, great keyboard but unfortunately with poor and buggy software and firmware support.