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Only one custom effect set for Claymore in armoury????

Level 7
Please tell me if i'm wrong but I can set only ONE custom effect set (custom lightning settings) for all 5 editable profiles?
If I select the profil one and make a good lightning layout with custom effect editor it is ok. If I choose profil 2 and try to
make a new set for it, all changes apply to profil 1 too. Basically I have ONE custom layout which is INSANE! I would like to
use 2-3 or more custom layout for my programs. No doubt the hardware can do it, so is this a software limitation (WHAT)?

I think this is my fault and I didn't understand the armoury well! This is the one possible explanation I could think of!
Please tell me how can I create more than one special effect group or how can I attach a unique special effect set to all 5 profiles.

Sorry for my bad english!

Level 7

This is incredible! No answer at all?

Asus help!!! Pliz! This isnt cheap hardware!

This is how you could make your loyal customers feel themselves idiot! Is it worth it?

Almost two months, no answer, no software-firmware update!?!?!?!

Did you find the solution of your problem? If yes, please write.

kaufen wrote:
Did you find the solution of your problem? If yes, please write.

There is no solution yet, we are all waiting for Armory update.

This is incredible! No answer at all?

Level 10
I thought I had replied to this thread, but obviously I hadn't (likely because I cannot give you the clear answer you're hoping for).
I do not work in the software department, so I was hoping that one of my colleagues (Raja or Bahz) would have seen this and replied.

I will forward it on to them ASAP and hopefully you can finally get an answer.

Sincere apologies on my part for not replying.