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Looking for a new Headset

Level 7

Looking for a Gaming Headset with some requurements..


I'm coming from a SteelSeries Arctic Pro, been a good ride but plastic broke real bad and for an almost €200 worth headset you'd expect better.

Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out what's my best next suit, and I wanted to ask you guys for advice.

Here's my personal list:


• Game/Chat channels to regulate via software & hardware wherl on the headset

• NO wireless (unoess it allows me to ALWAYS be plugged in for continuous charge while using them, unlike Razer Nari ULTIMATE)


• Game/Chat channel volume balance incorporated with the back of the headset rather than on an external moveable hardware;

• Robust design so that I can just take 'em on and off in a whiff without having to bither with too much softness.

Any help will be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance.