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Just got a new Rog Falchion RX low profile, but wont connect via bluetooth nor Omni dongle

Level 7

Hi, just got a new Falchion RX low profile but cant get it to connect. I have done as manual says downloaded Armoury grate (and updated it). When I put the kb switch to bluetooth mode and enter pairing mode (fn+J for 3 secs). Windows finds no bluetooth devices. If I use omni receiver (omni slider on kb) it doesnt work and armory crate gives error We are sorry. There's and error with the device page. The application is going to relod the device page now. (S-1003). And gets in same message loop. Only way to use this keyboard is with cable at the moment. Is my keyboard broken? What I am missing here?




Hello Chushu

I sometimes get device page errors in Armoury Crate, but they usually remedy themselves.

Try this.

1) Let the cable connected to your keyboard and a pc usb port.

2) Connect the wireless dongle to a pc usb port.

3) Try switching the wireless switch on your keyboard to 2.4GHz wireless mode and back to wired mode, wait for the spinning red circle to stop each time before switching.

Does the Keys page eventually load with 2.4GHz wireless mode?