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Issue with keys repeating

Level 8
I have an ASUS ROG FALCHION M601wireless keyboard and a few times per day the keyboard just decides to repeat keystrokes (even happened while typing this). Sometimes it's just ones sometimes it spams it until I press something else. It's very disruptive as I type a lot with it. Anyone else had any of these issues and where you able to solve it?

I was having the same issue. Hopefully, I fixed it. I switched from the usb c / usb c cable to usb c / usb a cable. I’ll update the forum as it continues to work (or not work). Please, try and update us in the forum as well. 

It's wireless! 

Anyone still having an issue with this? 
If so, please head over to this thread to report an issue. Be sure to record a log, mention the firmware version, and indicate your system time when the issue occurs. Thanks.

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I've sent it to the vendor. Since they experienced the same thing they solved the RMA with giving me a new product. Since I have spent hours of troubleshooting the old one I will try to sell the new one or give it away to someone. Where can I send the bill? hourly rate: SEK 595


Level 8

Hi I have the same problem, keys keep repeating themselves very often until you press another key... The worst thing is if you delete something it deletes so much more and sometimes a whole page 😞 .... I have uninstalled Armoury Crate and installed it again, used it without Armoury Crate but nothing helps and all drivers are up to date.

I have the ROG Zephyrus G14 GA402RK with Windows 11 Home 

Please give me a quick solution as I need the laptop for work and dont have the time to send it in to the vendor.

Thx Luk

Level 8

I have this problem as well.  I've uninstalled Armory Crate and reinstalled it several times.  I've tried resetting the KB more than once.  Also tried using a cable instead of using it wirelessly.  It still repeats keystrokes every time I use it.  Totally unusable.  I'm not happy with this Keyboard or with the lack of support for an issue that's been reported for this length of time.    

Level 7

Have the same problem as luklearnIT and chrisve, holy ****** what the ****** is wrong with rog armoury and asus?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Guys, I still have not received any reported issues from anyone here. If you are having a problem, please go to this thread to submit a form. Thanks. 

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Collecting log.  Hope this helps MasterC.  Very frustrating situation. 

I fixed it thanks to Nate152 in another post which told to reset the keyboard with esc fn