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Flare RGBs slower than other AURA components

Level 7
Hello, I received my ASUS ROG Flare keyboard and Pugio mouse the other day and am trying to properly synchronize their RGB-lighting to the color-change effect (third option in AURA) of my other AURA-components.

The problem is that the flare keyboard seems to be slower than the other devices and gets its color adjusted every couple seconds to match the other components colors, which results in an abrupt change of color or stuttering instead of the smooth color-transition that the other components are doing. The pugio mouse works perfectly fine.

I already updated the flares firmware and the Armoury-software, reinstalled AURA and Armoury, restarted the PC several times and tried using different USB-ports. I am using the ROG Z370-F Mainboard.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated 🙂

Update: Got a replacment and it has the exact same issue.