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Faulty Switches with Asus ROG Azoth

Level 8

I've had this keyboard for a few months now, and I love it. I saw a post a few weeks ago while I was having issues with my "G" key, someone mentioned they were getting double presses or no presses at all when typing. Their solution was to replace the switch.

I did that with mine, and it resolved my "G" key issue. I'm now having the same issue (double press or no presses) with my "ENTER" key.

Is anyone else having this issue or did I just happen to get a lemon? Also, there are 3 replacement switches, I'm already down to 1 - will support send me a few more switches since they sent me bad ones?


This is like my 10th mechanical keyboard, so it's certainly not user error (at least on my side). And I highly doubt it is on your side, especially since multiple people are having the same issue. Now it's possible yours could have multiple issues, hard to say without a lot more extensive testing.

And yes, these are hot swap switches, super easy to pull and replace. It comes with the appropriate tools to grab and pull the switch and keycaps.

My guess is 100% faulty switches, I have no doubt in mind. It's pretty easy to replace them tho just as any other hotswap kb

Level 7

I have the same issue, especially "w" and the space bar in my case. Tried now to switch these and let's see if it helps for now.

Level 7

I got a replacement by ASUS if anyone wonders. Will watch what will happen and if this reapperas I will replace the switches with "

Gateron North Pole 2.0 Switch Set" as they are fully transparent too.