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Falchion NX will not sync anymore, gets Error code 4151

Level 7

I've tried the uninstall tool, followed by reinstalling armory crate. Then I plugged in my keyboard with the USB and inserted the dongle into my Laptop, selected update with the power switch set to on (did not work) then repeated the steps but with power switch off on the keyboard (did not work). I am still getting "ERROR CODE 4151"

In addition to all of this, I tried to use it on my desktop pc. It worked first try, synced up without any issues.

So I decided to check to see if it was my USB port on my ASUS Strix Laptop... The USB port is functioning properly. I even tried 5 deferent USB cables, none of which were the problem.



Hello z3r0_c0o1

Since your ROG Falchion NX works on your desktop, you might want to try a system recovery on your laptop.

To update your ROG Falchion NX with Armoury Crate.....

1) Connect the cable to your keyboard and a pc usb port.

2) Connect the wireless dongle to a pc usb port.

3) Set the Wireless switch on the keyboard to on.

4) Try the update in Armoury Crate.




tried the full system recovery, and tried a complete reinstall of windows 11. still did not fix the problem


Do you get the error 4151 with both wired mode and 2.4GHz wireless mode?