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Driver update

Level 7

hi i had for a year asus rog strix scope nx wireless deluxe.

for the recent month the key sensitivity on "space" key and "P" key became really high which make it type alot of letters and bigger space

example when i try to write something with out correcting it " pppproduct      of asus rog ppplease helppppppp          me with it"

i try reset the keyboard

deleted it from my computer device 

uninstalled and reinstall the armoury crate 

i saw that i cant update the keyboard driver it say i need to connect both dongle and wired which and change to wired/off mode which i did but still don't let me update 

any help 



Hello niv245

Does the key repeating happen in both wired and 2.4GHz wireless mode?

Check both wired and wireless modes are working. You might want to try the usb extender to move the wireless dongle closer to your keyboard.

It sounds like you're doing the update correctly but just to be sure, here are the steps to update your keyboard in Armoury Crate.

1) Connect the cable to your keyboard and a pc usb port.

2) Set the wireless switch on your keyboard to wired mode (switch set to the center position).

3) Connect the wireless dongle to a pc usb port.

4) Try the update in Armoury Crate.

If this doesn't get your keyboard to update, sometimes little things like restarting your pc and reconnecting the cable and wireless dongle will get it to update.

I have the ROG Strix Scope II 96 wireless and all is working ok, the latest version of Armory Crate is




I've got exactly same issue (same keyboard) but with keys k and n. Tried everything. It does it in everymode - bt, 2,4 and wired. Armoury crate is up to date. I started to think that's the issue with the switch but as I figured out its not hotswap so i wont be able to replace it from the numpad or whichever key I dont need. The main problem is that I cannot send it to the warranty service unless I got the replacement. 


Hello Soltiz

Yeah, unfortunately the switches aren't hot swappable.

Have you tried adjusting the repeat delay and repeat rate in keyboard properties?

keyboard properties.png






I tired it, nothing changed. Keyboard is basically new - bought in november 2023 so I dont think it can be any issue on my side. It started doing this within last month - I think it's problem with switches or issue that I got in the last update.


It might be worthwhile to uninstall Armoury Crate, reboot your pc and see if it's still key repeating.

If it's still key repeating, it's possible the switches could be going bad.

If purchased in November 2023, you should still be under warranty as the warranty is good for one year, unless the warranty policy is different in Poland.

Have you tried contacting ASUS Technical Support? 





Level 7

i also tried everything keyboard not updating and keys are still not function


Try resetting your keyboard by pressing and holding the Fn + Esc keys until it flashes green.

Then, try checking for updates in Armoury Crate, there is a new version of Armoury Crate ( and there may be an update for your keyboard as well.

Follow the steps in my first post to update your keyboard. If it's not updating, please post me a screenshot of any errors.




Level 10

Verify if the bottom of keyboard is not bulged due to defective battery (can make fake contacts).

Level 8

I think I fixed it a bit - just isopropyl alcohol on switch - just few drops. The keys I had problem with are now working quite well.