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Different Scope II Wireless 1 to 0 Keys!

Level 8

Hi all, 

Have a look at the picture below. Is it true that Asus send out this keyboard in one format to reviewers etc. but they send you quite another? Look at the secondary legends 1 to 0 in the top picture, then look at the keyboard you actually get (inset, right). They are not lit up! Is this a con or something? I've tried box, scan, Amazon (as shown), overclockers here in the UK and NONE of them have the version they so proudly show in their pictures. Does ANYONE have the version shown at the top, and if so where did you get it? Note - UK keyboard layout.





Hello juiceter

They look like different key caps, the one I have is like the one at the ASUS Features page.

ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless | Keyboards | ROG United States (









Thanks for that! You have the one that ISN'T all lit! Notice that the one shown on IS the all singing and all dancing keycaps, I just can't find the one they depict over here in the uk (note also the different-sized RETURN key we have over here). I've also seen a US version where the secondary legends light up.

What I HAVE noticed is that you get what is on the box, and there are boxes which show both versions.

I was wondering if they have different product numbers or something. Not sure if anyone working for ASUS would be able to help.

It would be great if someone replied that has recieved the version where all the legends are lit up so I know where they bought it from! I think ASUS have pulled a fast one here and many haven't really noticed this. It obviously costs a little more to create the keycaps where all the legends light up. I have to say I'm a little dissapointed with ASUS for doing this; I always buy their products and  until now thought they were a trustworthy company. Now I'm wavering a bit.


Just to clear things up here, the one with the all lit characters is the ABS Keyboard (not PBT). Thanks to MasterC for clarifying that in another thread. I think this is sold region-specific as I can't find it here in the UK.

Nate, do you find it annoying that they don't all light up? I suppose you only would if you type in the dark like I do! 


Well, my room isn't well lit, I like mine on the dark side too.

Because the symbols are white, the light from my monitor lights them well enough that I can see them. There are also symbols/functions in white on the front of certain keys that are used with the Fn key, the keyboard lighting helps me see these.