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Claymore RGB is slightly off for some effects

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Hello everyone,

Please excuse me if this has already been addressed, I did spend some time searching but may have missed it..

I have one build that I am attempting to leave Aura Only for RGB lighting and picked up a Claymore with numpad. I usually just leave the RGB on color cycle and have always had success with individually syncing at this setting. Everything else syncs and changes/transitions perfectly, except for the claymore. For the most part it does a good job but is doing a slightly different variation of the same thing. For example: when the rest of the setup is at a light blue transition, the claymore is not yet there and still in the middle of transitioning from green, and is still mostly green before a quick bit of blue.. I could keep going on but suffice it to say that the timing/transition variation is off. It seems like it may just be a firmware thing to me? I do have the most recent firmware and software (Aura and Armory). I actually have multiple newer setups and this appears to function exactly the same on the two that I've tried.

My question is to the rest of you Claymore users with multiple Asus Aura compatible devices. Are you experiencing the same thing? Please set your Aura effect to color cycle and let me know if there are easily identifiable transition/sync differences compared to the rest of your components.

Thanks in advance, I do appreciate your time in this.


Community Admin
Community Admin
Is it the same if you only sync the peripherals using Armoury?
Please provide as much info as possible so we can try to replicate, such as the OS version/build, any 3rd-party lighting software, and specs for one of the systems.
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