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Claymore new user | Keybot Issues, Macros & thoughts

Level 7
Hi all - just upgraded my old G710+ for a Claymore (Blue) loving it so far hardware wise but running into a couple of issues, not sure if anyone can help here...

1. Keybot functions - bit disappointing that this is now touted as a temporary setup or tweakers feature. Couldnt get it to work anyway, but guessing limitations are stopping it working alongside armoury as I see no reason why it couldn't be left as a permanent setup.

2. Macros - was hoping I could somehow replicate the functionality of the G keys from my G710 with this but doesn't appear to work the same. Was kind of hoping that macros would have to be activated with the FN key or an ability to toggle so they could be used on top of the current keys, but seems to be a direct replace. I suppose a workaround would be to have a complete profile of macros for specific software, but with just 5 profiles going to be limiting. I work as a designer primarily and sometimes like to assign certain combos or actions from the likes of Photoshop to a single keypress. I tested it with the numpad zero yesterday with Ctrl+T for transform, but weirdly it seemed to perform both the original function for that key (opacity) and follow up with the Transform macro I had assigned. Guessing this would only really be usable for gaming 😞

3. Armory II software - it's ok but a big step down from what Logitech offer. Just feels a bit half baked and buggy. Trying to select the lighting colour by dragging the color picker often moves the window instead, so its click only and not very precise. Can it not be made so that just the title moves the window? Also a strange bug on the macro feature, if the cursor is left over the record button after clicking, the software doesn't seem to register or display the keystrokes. Moving it away and they display. Switching profiles takes a second or two as well, less if I do it via the board itself. Strangely watching the youtube vids with the claymore on armory 1 it appeared to be a lot quicker there. How has ASUS been with updating the software so far, or is it likely to be left as it is to stagnate?

4. Profiles - any chance more could be added? I know the 5 is probably set so it ties into the keyboard shortcut keys but seems a bit limiting. Surely these slots could still be used as favourites? Would love to link the keyboard lighting up to software - so that common hotkeys are lit for each, but 5 won't really cut it. Also just tried linking a profile to Photoshop as a test, seems the profiles are activated on program launch rather than focus? Logitech will switch dynamically on focusing different apps which really I was expecting here in nearly (2019) Again I know it's a gaming keyboard (as was my G710+ mind), and ASUS may not have the devs at their disposal that Logitech do - but if they want to compete it's an improvement I would definitely be looking to make here.

Overall though still love the keyboard, think I'll be keeping it because of the hardware. Was on cherry MX browns before, the blues are loud but do feel better and more mechanical. (Though hands do feel like theyve had more of a workout typing on it) Lighting is great too, and love that I can make it more compact to make more room on my desk for a tablet or something else. Keypad wobble is also minimal and barely noticeable to what I read in some reviews.