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Cerberus RGB Keyboard help

Level 7

I bought the cerberus RGB Keyboard with an asus rog gladius 2 mouse.

doesn't Asus have a universal software for their gaming accessories to do macros/lighting etc.. similar to razer (Synapse) or corsair (CUE) or even logitech (Gaming Software).

I found a separate cerberus software (which feels cheaper and flooded), and found Armoury 2 software for mouse only..

However, even with the Armoury 2 software, I can't for the life of me open it, I keep getting a locked message saying "Please turn off Aura software to unlock Armoury" .. I don't even have an aura software open!

EDIT: my cerberus is the mechanical RGB

EDIT 2: Found out that I need to open my aura sync software, and unlink the mouse gladius 2 from lighting. I do not know how it automatically adjusted itself and linked with my motherboard.

Now my only problem is my Cerberus mechanical RGB Keyboard not showing on Armoury software. Also, is it Aura sync compatible?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Use Aura to customize the lighting on your motherboard and Gladius 2. Aura Sync-compatible products are indicated on the box.

The Aura Software does not support Cerberus Mech RGB. You will need to use its own separate software to control the RGB lighting:

To run Armoury, you need to unsync each device first in Aura rather than just close the application. Therefore, it's best to configure your peripherals in Armoury first, then customize the lighting in Aura.

If you only need to customize lighting for peripherals, Armoury has everything you need.
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