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Guide: ROG Falchion Touch Panel

Hello fellow ROG gamers,If you have an ROG Falchion you may have noticed and even used the touch panel for volume control, but did you know it can do much more? It can help make using apps/programs more convenient with a swipe or a tap. It's pretty a...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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Asus Strix 7.1 ENC not working

Hi,I've just bought an Asus Strix 7.1, and after switched the ENC to on, i still can hear ambiant sound around me (like the computer fan).And sometimes the base keep reload in chain when ENC is activated, the base emit some heat.

strix 7.1 bass/treble control?

Hi there im having an issue with my asus strix 7.1 headset, basically the headset is great for directional awareness but unfortunately it has to much bass and not enough treble for me to hear things clearly, iv tried all the presets with no avail als...

ASUS Strix 7.1 Spectrum/profile change dont work

*First sorry for the Googel-Translate, but my english is not so good^^*Hi, I just bought the ASUS Strix 7.1 headset , so far also to peace throughout , but unfortunately I am too stupid to change the sound profile / Spectrum . What struck me at the U...

Strix Tactic Pro: ALTGR+2 and ALTGR+3 not working

Hi all,I have a Portuguese version of this keyboard and I notice that ALTGR+2 and ALTGR+3 don't produce the "@" and "£".The rest of characters in 2 key (2, ") and 3 key (3, #) are working fine.So, I may suspect is a firmware bug.If this is really a B...

rsousa by Level 7
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Strix DSP

Hello there!This is my first post in here, which unfortunately is gonna be a bug/flaw post.I have just bought the STRIX DSP and I thought that it was something with my way of going around the spectrum function that were flawed. It seems though that t...

Asus Strix 2.0 mic problem

Hi all This week i got Asus Strix 2.0 gaming headset. But i do have a problem with my mic because it dosen't work .Can you tell me what to do because when i was talking whit a friend and it worked for few minutes but now it dosen't work anymore pleas...

laxdie by Level 7
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ASUS Strix Tactic Pro

Hello guys,i recently bought the ASUS Strix Tactic Pro and Strix Claw.For ASUS Strix Tactic Pro,i really love it.I wanna ask that is there anyway to delete macros recorded during games by FN Key + Macro Record?For ASUS Strix Claw.I got some lags dur...

Strix Tactic Pro LED flashing

Hi thereJust got Strix Tactic Pro today and the LED which lights the whole keyboard keeps blinking? flashing? every 4-5 sec. Is it possible to just turn the backlight on permanently? I find it very annoying and distracting.

CraYen by Level 7
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Asus Strix Tactic Pro Key Chattering

Hello,Would just like to know if there are any other Asus Strix Tactic Pro having problems with key chattering.Basically bought the 1st keyboard around 8 months ago with mx browns, after 2 months or so I started getting key chattering, first no only ...

Sadol by Level 7
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