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Guide: ROG Falchion Touch Panel

Hello fellow ROG gamers,If you have an ROG Falchion you may have noticed and even used the touch panel for volume control, but did you know it can do much more? It can help make using apps/programs more convenient with a swipe or a tap. It's pretty a...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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Keyboard ROG Claymore with GNU/Linux

I'm very interested with the Claymore keyboard.I'm not a gamer user but a very intensive internet/office/multimedia one.I use GNU/Linux Ubuntu.Is it possible to program keys without windows software ?It is possible to use dynamic volume adjust with n...

Rog flare connect and disconnect repeatedly

Hello guys please find me a solution for this problem my keyboard rog flare is connectin and disconnecting repeatedly all usb ports are working fine i was just modifying some options with Armoury app and aura then this problem started


Good day guys, I recently bought an ASUS Tactic PRO on a local store here in my country. Unfortunately they are not actually an ASUS certified store, they are just a simple computer shop who sells stuff. Though I can try and talk to them for replacem...

ReiJin24 by Level 7
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Strix Flare "Play/Pause" media key is dim and blinks

Today I noticed that "Play/Pause" media key is dim, about half the brightness of the other keys and rapidly blinksI have never even used that keyThere is also interesting thing about it that blinking depends on the level of brightnesson the first lev...

alesyf by Level 7
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Asus Falchion

Looking for a wireless mech keyboard and I really like the look of this one. Anyone has an idea when it is going to be released?Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk

ChaosAD by Level 7
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Asus Rog Strix Scope issue and question

Hi all,I have got my new keyboard. Which is an Asus Rog Strix Scope. I just love it. But...My problem is that today I plugged it into the rear usb 2.0 port of my Pc. And when I booted up the keyboard did not light up. After I unplugged and plugged ag...

[ROG Claymore] Colour of keys not matching

As the title, my keys aren't appearing the same colour, even though they are on Static lighitng effect. What this means: - My 'R' key seems to be missing the blue colour, because it appears green when I set the lighting to blue.- My 'V' key seems to ...

shinkun by Level 7
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