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Azoth OLED Screen Issues

Level 7

I'm not alone in this since its release, but the OLED screen custom animation just refuses to work. Version:

Any advice beyond turn it off an back on again? I've tried that. Lol



Hello xKAROSx

Is your ROG Azoth fully updated?

Azoth up to date.png


I was able to save and upload an animated New Year Gif.

What happens when you click upload image?

Is it possible the file is too large or is an unsupported file format?

Custom Image.png

it is, within reason. Whatever Version update was available as of 2/5/24 is the version I updated to. I uninstalled Armoury Crate 2/6/24 as it was preventing my system from sleeping, but would be willing to reinstall to get the animation I’m wanting on the OLED.

While mine was made by myself from a video source, it was exported as an animated GIF via Premiere Pro. When uploading to Armoury Crate a warning showed that it would be cropped automatically so I figured length would be irrelevant.

“Sorry, the last operation failed. Please try again.”

It should be supported as it’s an animated GIF, as far as file size, I wasn’t able to find a clear limit anywhere while searching for that, specifically.


If it's auto cropping your Gif, it's possible the file size could be too large, I didn't get any message for auto cropping when uploading my Gif.

To crop is to take some of or a piece of your Gif, this is why I think the file size could be too large.