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Azoth is not working in 2.4

Level 7

Hi guys, 

I have a issue with this keyboard, since I can not connect with 2.4 when I plug in my computer at all. But it can works with BT and wired. 

Is there are anyway to slove this issue?

Kind regards



Hello libarY

To use 2.4GHz wireless mode, connect the wireless dongle to a usb port on your pc, set the wireless switch on your keyboard to 2.4GHz wireless mode.

The wireless dongle is located right beside the keyboard wireless switch.


Hi Nate152

I have pug the 2.4GHz on my pic and switch the mode on my keyboard but still does not have any response.

That’s the question I want to ask.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Could you take picture of your setup? So we can see where the receiver is connected, how far, and how the switch on the keyboard is toggled. 
Do you have the RF receiver mixed up with another ROG product? They look the same.

Have you tried wireless RF on another PC or laptop?


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