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Azoth - Can't update, can't set up with AC

Level 7

I'm trying to change the settings of the keyboard through AC. AC prompts me to update the firmware of the keyboard otherwise it would not let me change the settings.. tf is this bs.

okay, I clicked on the update button. The ****** thing pops up a few of what appear to be cmd windows which all disappear immediately as they show up, and then the update failed. A red triangle with a ! showed up on the update button.

I clicked on the update button again, and it failed again. Tried it a couple more times, and every single time it failed. My keyboard is on wired mode/switch center mode. Both the receiver and the keyboard are plugged in.

  • AC version 5.7.90
  • Trying to update Azoth to HAL v., HTML v.4.02.02, SDK v.3.00.45 (Dec 18, 2023)
  • I don't know what firmware version my Azoth is currently running since AC would not let me access the settings menu without successfully updating the firmware.