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Asus Strix Tactic Pro Key Chattering

Level 7

Would just like to know if there are any other Asus Strix Tactic Pro having problems with key chattering.
Basically bought the 1st keyboard around 8 months ago with mx browns, after 2 months or so I started getting key chattering, first no only 'w' then 'tab' then '3' then 'c' and on and on, so I RMA that keyboard.

After one month of pain on my old rubber dome, finally I get a replacement and during 6 weeks no more chattering, but now once again I start seeing chattering, for now its just the key 'e' but I'm really scared of whats going to happen next based on my previous experience.

It really is a shame as I really do love this keyboard, but this chattering is driving me nuts.

After a lot of reading it seems this can be caused by faulty switches but also by bad firmware that doesn't deal properly with key debounce.

Any thoughts?