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asus rog strix scope rx tkl wireless slow charging

Level 9

I got my keyboard yesterday and it's battery was %51. I charged it like 4 hours (2 hours with my phone charger, 2 hours with laptop via original cable). But it went up to %81. In armoury software it shows fully charged battery image but says %81 charged. I've been playing like 30mins, and i checked the battery it shows %82? Is it normal that with 4 hours charges %30 ?


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All right,

You can let the cable and dongle connected with the switch set to wired mode. 

When you deleted Armoury Crate, did you use the Armoury Crate uninstall tool?

If not, you'll want to use it and is what I'll suggest next.

In the link below, select your operating system, click "Show all" in blue, the uninstall tool is the third download.

Armoury Crate - Support (

Once uninstalled, install version (first download), then head to the update center and check for updates.

 Let me know how it goes after trying this.

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Hi Ahmettarikynk,

Just wondering if you're using your keyboard in wireless mode while it's charging. With the cable connected, set the switch on your ROG Strix Scope RX TKL keyboard to wired mode and see if the battery charges any faster.

The power source will also affect how fast it charges, usb 3.0 should charge faster than usb 2.0.

Hi Nate152, no i left it in wired mode while charging. And also i tried to use my own phone charger, which is fast charger, same result. 

I've been using the keyboard for 2 days, battery is still %82. Something seems wrong.



You're saying in Armoury Crate, the battery is showing fully charged but is only showing 82% charged, this is not normal.

Could you post me a screenshot of your Armoury Crate Power page?  Here is my ROG Azoth as an example.

Battery percentage.png






There you go.


I deleted and reinstalled armoury crate, still same battery.


Thank you,

Yours is a little different than mine, but I think I see how yours works.

Since there are five bars, each bar equals 20%.

0% - 20% = one bar

20% - 40% = two bars

40% - 60% = three bars

60% - 80% = four bars

80% - 100% = five bars

So, when it goes below 80%, one bar should disappear, at least this is how I'm seeing it.



Level 9

I still dont know how long should it take to get fully charged.

As you are here, i have two problems too.
The lighting service, uses as much cpu as it can, whenever i open armoury.



Level 9

And i cannot update usb dongle, it stucks like this:


when i try to click update, it wants me to connect the keyboard via cable bla bla. After that, software starts dowloading and suddenly stops and download button occurs again.




Does the Lighting Service constantly use that much cpu, or does it drop to 0% once Armoury Crate has started?

To perform the update:

1) Use the USB-C to USB-A adapter cable, connect the cable to your keyboard and directly to a usb port on your laptop pc.

2) Connect the wireless dongle directly to a usb port on your laptop pc, the cable and dongle must both be connected.

3) Set the switch on your keyboard to wired mode.

4) Try the update in Armoury Crate.

No, lightning service never drops back unless i force stop it. 

I already did everything you said, but still same problem about updating. Is it possible to uninstall all of the drivers on the keyboard and reinstall them?