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Asus rog strix scope II 96 wireless one side of spacebar rattles

Level 7

Hi. I got the keyboard like a month back and i wanted to switch the spacebar to the rog themed one. I pulled the normal one out and the stabilizers came out with it. Then i put them into the rog themed and i put them in the keyboard with the spacebar. A day or 2 later one side (left) started to rattle when i breafly touched it. Over time it got worse and i didnt know what to do so i tried to find the issue by swaping the stabilizers to the other side. That worked for 5min then the rattle came back. I also tried putting back the normal spacebar and that made the rattle a bit better but its getting worse again. I dont want to go to the repair shop because one side rattles so any adwice would help.

Thank you.


Level 7

I just noticed that all keyes with stabilizers have a small rattle on left side. Please help...


Hello TomicekV

Use the keycap/switch puller tool to remove the keys, then reinstall the keys pressing firmly.

Does reinstalling the keys stop the rattle?

Go to 3:35 in the video.