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ASUS ROG AZOTH - Sleep, power and external hard drive issues...

Level 8

So, with armoury crate installed, using it with the Azoth, I'm having a few more issues...

1 - Now, my computer will not sleep. My screen saver will turn on, but it just refuses to sleep. 
2 - Now, my external USB hard drive will not sleep. The disk access light keeps flashing, like it's constantly being accessed. I use this drive exclusively for backups, and most of the time, it will sleep until my backup app starts a backup, once a day in the evening. 
3 - In armoury crate, in the power section, I've set sleep mode for the Azoth keyboard to turn on after 10 minutes of inactivity and have selected "turn off keyboard and oled led. They never turn off, ever.

Here's the thing, I have an Asus motherboard and have armoury crate installed for awhile, and never had any of this issues, until I connected the Azoth, and armoury crate installed it's plugin for the Azoth. And I've done nothing else to my system, except install the Azoth, so it has to be related to the Azoth and how armoury crate interacts with it or a combo of the two. 

After battling for half a day to just get it's firmware updated, and now these issues, I'm leaning towards returning it. It's a real shame as the keyboard itself is pretty amazing. It's just horribly let down by armoury crate. Having spent hours, searching online for my original firmware update and now, power issues, I've not found a single person praising armoury crate. Every review of the Azoth is basically, "great keyboard, terrible software"...Every single review. I took a chance anyways thinking I haven't had many issues with armoury crate, but after installing the Azoth, I see why it's universally hated...



Thank you,

Since you get the same on your work laptop, there may be an issue with your ROG Azoth. I will direct you to ASUS technical support for further assistance, are you from the U.S.?

Just need to know your region to give you the proper phone number.

Or you can contact Newegg as you suggest, the warranty from them should be good for at least 30 days.


Yes, I'm in the U.S. Honestly, at this point after dealing with this for two days in a row, uninstalling and reinstalling AC and so on, I'm just going to go back to Newegg to get a replacement. It's out of stock there, until the first week of April. Once they have it back in stock, I'll try a replacement since I still have 28 days to exchange or return it. If it doesn't come back in stock, I'll just go with a refund and go back to my older GMMK keyboard.


Sounds good, let us know how it goes when you get your replacement keyboard.