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ASUS ROG Azoth Problem

Level 7

Hey everyone,

I just got my Azoth and so far I am very satisfied except for one key issue. First of all I will explain my setup to understand where the issue might come from.

The dongle is plugged into a USB Switch which is connected to my Windows Computer as well to my docking station which is connected to my MacBook Pro. When I switch computers, I just hit the USB Switch button all the attached devices (mouse, Azoth, headset) connects to the MacBook. So far everything is working. 

However, the OLED panel switches from the system informations mode (Date + Time) to those standard animations which distract me from what I want to do. The lighting etc. stays the same but it feels like as soon if the Keyboard connects to the MacBook, the OLED settings are forgotten. 

What is the problem?


Level 7

No one any idea? Sometimes the on-board memory even forgets the OLED settings, when I switch from wireless to wired mode...