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Asus ROG Azoth- How to save a rgb profile to the onboard memory?

Level 7

Hi. I'm trying to save a custom rgb profile made in Aura Creator to the onboard memory on the Azoth.
I game on pc but sometimes also through Geforce Now on my Macbook, the Azoth will then be connected trough bluetooth.

I saved a new rgb layout to profile 1 (fight skills have a red color key and potions green etc etc, very basic stuff) but it's not really saved to the onboard memory. When I switch to Bluetooth all the onboard profiles are the default one.

Anyone know how to do this?



Hello Haelos

Follow this video to create and save profiles to the onboard memory. Once you have your profiles saved, you can access them by pressing Fn + 1,2,3,4,5.

I used static colors as examples.



Hi Nate, thanks for the video.

I tried again but I still can't get my custom profles saved to the onboard memory.
It does say it's saved.. but it's not. I'm thinking is has something to do with Aura Sync.
To color individual keys you have to make use of Aura Sync and somehow those profiles don't get saved.

Maybe you can show me this scenario in a video and show that it's working in Bluetooth?
Just a simple layout. All white keys with red WASD keys on profile 1.


 It seems the ROG Azoth isn't supported with Aura Creator in Bluetooth mode.

I am able to make a profile with all white keys with the W,S,A,D keys red. You can save the profile in Aura Creator and you can access it from the Aura Effects page. 

What I was able to do is create the profile, then set the profile to launch when starting a game with a Scenario Profile.


scenario profile.png




Hi Nate,

Thanks again for the video, really appreciate your feedback.

I was already familiar with making Aura (Sync) profiles, my question was how to save them to the onboard memory and use them without Armoury Crate, but I guess it's not possible ☹️

What's the point of the six onboard memory slots if you can't save your custom made rgb profiles?
If I'm understandinfg correctly and after trying for days, all you can do is save existing profiles with some color adjustments?
Everything else needs Aura Sync and must be connected (wired, rf) with Armoury Crate?

The keyboard is really nice but hold back by Armoury Crate.
Sadly going to send the Azoth back.