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Asus Rog Azoth Dial Stopped Working

Level 7

At some point, the control up/down switch stopped working. It will no longer control anything.

Anyone else have this issue? It worked for awhile.


Level 7

I don't seem to be able to edit but aloper, in another thread, stated to hold down the FN+ESC for 10-15 seconds.

That reset the keyboard and now the volume does work but the oled controls still do not, etc.

Totally worked, thank you! (Pressing the FN+ESC keys on the Keyboard for 10-15 seconds)


Hello gcleveland,

1) Have you installed Armoury Crate and updated to version, there may be updates for your ROG Azoth as well.

2) Is windows fully updated?

3) Have you updated to the latest bios for your motherboard?

4) Do the options on the OLED display change when you press the button on the side of the control knob?

I'm having the same problem all of a sudden. None of the options for control knob works. Pushing the side changes the mode of the knob but up down and in don't work. 


Only customising an action works. 

Level 7

Hi!! i have the same problem, i cant use the dial bc not working!! 
firmware is updated 


Plsss HELP ME ❤️😰