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ASUS Cerberus RGB - Why not Aura compatible? [Resolved]

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So i bought the Cerberus RGB keyboard as a present to my niece. Noticed the lack of AURA on the box but thought it'd be at least compatible with Aurora, as used by my ROG Claymore ... shock horror to find it's supported by neither.

Why is this so, Asus?

Now i had to load THREE different RGB software just to configure the motherboard, keyboard, and mouse.

On top of that, the software for the Cerberus is absolutely terrible. Unfriendly UI, RGB effects unchangeable fast speed like it's on steroids.

It seems like this keyboard is a ******* child by Asus ROG - shame as the build is itself is fantastic. But why is this seperate from Aura & Aurora? Why is the software horrible to use unlike Aurora? Bad enough there's 2 separate software for Asus's own RGB but to add a 3rd is downright ridiculous.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Sorry if there is any confusion, the "Aura RGB" logo means there is RGB lighting, and a specific software makes sense for people who prefer to mix and match peripherals. If you wish to use one software to synchronize lighting for all capable products, only selected ASUS/ROG products with the "Aura Sync" can do that.

Technically, the Cerberus isn't ROG.

Here is more info for Aura (we do not provide support for Aurora):
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