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Asus Azoth Key Repeating Issue

Level 7

Bringing this topic up since there seems to be no fix that I have found and multiple users having the issue. 

I purchased the white ROG Azoth with the Snow switches from Amazon on December 12, 2023. The first month of using it, I had little to no issues. But recently, I have had the super annoying issue of certain keys on my keyboard repeating. It's gotten to the point where so many keys have been affected that I need to hit backspace on literally every word I type. The most annoying one is my A key, where it will always repeat the A key. This is especially annoying in games where I hold down the A key, intending to move left, but end up stopping randomly whilst holding it.

I've tried all the fixes possible from other posts on here, I've reset the keyboard multiple times, updated firmware to latest version, uninstall armory crate, replaced the switch out for a new one, etc. Every single fix I've tried, the issue is still persistent. 

I resorted to putting a ticket in with support, where I still have not received a response. But they want me to send in the keyboard for repairs, the only issue I see with this is that I don't have a spare keyboard to use while it's being repaired. Since I am under warranty, I simply can't just get a replacement? I purchased this keyboard as an all in one for my gaming PC and my work laptop where I can easily hit the switch from BT to 2.4 ghz connection, so I do not have a spare at all to use while this is being "repaired".

I am beyond annoyed at this issue. The amount of times I need to backspace is crazy annoying, I work from home and tend to type a lot, so backspacing every single time does tend to add up over time.



Level 11

Have you tried changing the Repeat delay and Repeat rate in the Windows Keyboard Properties?

Screenshot 2024-02-20 084244.png

Have a Good One! 😎

Yes, I've tried this and this does not fix my issue..

I've mentioned that I've tried every solution possible from other posters' threads with this issue.

For reference:

Level 10


I had the same problem on Claymore II Keyboard. The battery was bulged (when I returned the keyboard I could feel the hump made by the battery) and made contact where it should not to.