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Vulcan ANC microphone not working

Level 7
Hello folks,

I am having some trouble with the Vulcan ANC: I simply can't get the microphone to work. It didn't show at all under sounds. I clicked show disabled devices and I just get that stereo mix thingie.

The Laptop is a G551 and the built-in microphone is decent, but there is another issue. In Realtek manager I can select headphones or headset. Under headphones, the built-in mic doesn't work, whereas under headset it works but I can only hear from 1 cup.

I tried re-installing the drivers but to no avail. The G551 has just 1 port so I am using this cable splitter. OS is Win10 64bit.
The ANC is off and it doesn't have a battery anyway. I don't see why it should be relevant, but I will mention it anyway on the longshot that it is.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!