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Vulcan ANC & Maximus VII Hero - Sounds playing are rebroadcast via TS or Skype

Level 7
Hello everyone

I've had this bugging issue since i built my new rig consisting of the following

Asus Maximus VII Hero
Intel i7 4790K
EVGA nVidia 780 Ti Superclocked
16GB Corsair Vengeance
Corsair 900D case
Asus Vulcan ANC headset

So, when i'm gaming, i am usually on Skype or TS with some friends talking whilst we game together, in CS:GO for instance they have been complaining that they can hear other people talking in game and gun shots etc back through my headset into Skype or TS and to them..

I have done some testing myself by just playing some music through the headset and using windows Sounds Record to record anything coming from the mic.

With the Mic boom connected, the recording picks up the music from the headset straight back through the headset mic.

With the Mic boom DISCONNECTED the recording STILL picks up the music. This suggests to be that there may be some kind of interference maybe?

I have played for the last 2 hours with the 'SonicStudio PerfectVoice' settings and gotten no where. I've also plugged the headset into the motherboard directly at the rear of the case and tried the front ports on the case but it's made no difference.

I used to own a Maximus V Extreme-Z which didn't have SonicStudio, it just used a normal RealTek interface and there were tick boxes named 'Noise Suppression' and 'Acoustic Echo Cancellation'. If i had these 2 ticked then the above issue i'm experiencing never used to occur, it is just with this new build

If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated as i'm clueless now 😞