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Unable to adjust Sonic Studio settings

Level 7
Bought the Strix Fusion 700 a few months ago, worst decision i have ever made.

So here i am a few months later, having huge buyer's remorse for this crappy headset. This is my last try on this forum as my previous posts gained no traction of help whatsoever. Issues are;

1) Slight movement and the headset will disconnect itself from my PC which is very annoying. Turns out its the cable provided from the box. Solved this issue by using another micro usb cable. Considering paying a huge amount for this headset, this shouldnt happen at all?

2) Sonic Studio in ROG Armoury has a huge problem where i cant adjust any settings in there i.e Bass Boost/Compressor/Voice Clarity. Changing any settings doesnt impact the sound at all. I have tried re-installing Armoury for the 69420th time and the issue still persists.

So if anyone is reading this, stay away from the Fusion 700, you're paying alot for a sub-par headset.

Level 8

HeavyHemi wrote:
Did you download the latest version?

I did, everything is up to date e.g Windows/Latest Armoury software but still facing the issue. Thanks for the reply though!

I too have recently purchased the delta headset.

This said, Things have gone haywire for my computer. as somehow armoury crate was uninstalled, and i reinstalled it, but now things are not working completely as before. It has also changed the name of my keyboard (laptop) and is picking it up differently than before. With this said. It has a buzzing static in the left headset speaker, and every mouse click produces this buzz. One post said its a bad mother board. I also don't know what I should do. Why should Rog products cause problems with each other, I have Rog laptop, Gladius II mouse and Delta USB C headset.

I read I needed to do a fresh install, but my computer won't do a factory reset or reinstall. I have also read that this is something wrong with the computer, and I should send it back in.

I was hoping to be able to use these, and before armoury went screwy, some sound options were sounding pretty good except for static. But in reality, the 15 dollar headset I was using before, caused no driver issues or scrambling or anything. Where as this, seems to have changed my computer now and still doesn't sound good. Also mic won't work in one game. Not sure why, mic works for other programs.